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Scholars Tank

**Scholar's Tank has been rescheduled for Fall 2021**

Scholar’s Tank is an entrepreneurial-themed addition to Scholars Week, where students and faculty can present an idea to improve some aspect of campus, that has the potential to be turned into an entrepreneurial venture.  Our campus entrepreneurs will pitch their idea to a panel of “sharks”, who will decide which idea gets funded.

The winner will be awarded $5,000 to seed that idea from concept to concrete - - watching your idea grow into something that has a positive impact on the university.  These can be individual projects or groups projects (up to 4 people per group).

The Problem

Innovations break constraints.  Your innovation that solves a problem can be something you’ve personally faced, something that you have seen on campus, or something much bigger.  Or is there an opportunity that the university is not taking advantage, that you are uniquely-suited to execute?

The Addressable Market

So, you have identified a problem, but is it really a problem? Or an opportunity?  Provide evidence to support your argument.  Who does this problem affect?  How much money is in the market, and where the market is headed?

The Current Solutions

More often than not, someone else will also be trying to solve the problem you are addressing or has already tried.  Tell us what those solutions leave out and why that is a problem.

Your Solution

You’ve made the case, now tell us how you solve?  Is it a product or service?  Something that you have already prototyped?  What’s next?  What do you see for the future, based on available information today? A cool name for your solution never hurts.

120 Seconds!!

The time restriction forces you to think through the entire problem & solution. It’s easy to ramble, but to fit everything in that time frame, you have to know your stuff!  That said, don’t let the time limit be the thing keeping you from pitching! The best way to beat the clock is by practicing.  The Scholar Tank Team will also give you feedback as to what went well and what needs to be improved, so you can fine tune your idea.  

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